Is it a sustainable way of life?

“Sustainable Lifestyle”direct translation“Sustainable way of life” .

So what is“Possible” ?I will come to the meeting later.

Top, 2015, “Possible”A note on the origin of the first sentence in Japan.One major touch factor is adopted.“SDGs = Sustainability Goals”international standard environmental method.

However, before this time, the international community started a kind of global development method.

In 1972, the Roma Club Proclamation of “Growing Limits” was announced at the United Nations Environmental Conference held in XNUMX, warning of global environmental development.Named after ``Population and industrial investment has continued to grow at a rapid pace since then. . "Yes conclusion.

This is the reason why the international community is starting a big movement, but in Japan, the degree of approval is very low, and there is a certain amount of trouble.

In 2016, the final guideline for the implementation of the SDGs was the formulation of the policy, and the official guidance for the development of individual citizen cities.

Summary Preface, “2030 goals for the 17 agenda, 169 specific goals, 232 global economic indicators, indivisible realities for harmonization of three social and environmental factors, one synthesis Eliminating poverty and inequality, realizing a sustainable and developing world, rectifying individual international society, developing national peace, and striving for China's common goal.” .

However, at present, there is a controversial statement of criticism, and Japan has achieved a high degree of achievement in acquiring certain areas, but there is a problem of the existence of multiple areas.

In particular, SDG 12 (production and consumption), SDG 13 (climate change), SDG 17 (implementation method), SDG 1 (poverty) and SDG 10 (inequality) have been evaluated for real problems.

However, due to the ever-increasing number of circumstances, it is a highly skilled challenge.

For this reason, each individual must have his own beard skills.In other words, it is necessary to solve the social problem of the modern age, which is a global angular thinking problem, to grasp the self-problem, and to solve the problem.One step further, WHO has a specific definition of "skill".

“Life Skills are Adaptability and Active Action Ability, We are Capable of Being Efficient and Challenged in Daily Life” Desired Ability)

If you wait for the other method, you can start the process by yourself.I understand that the “sustainable way of life” can be used in two ways.

One improvement自己A sustainable daily life.It is possible to continue to cooperate with each other.environmentalformal event.

“Sustainable way of life”It's not a trend, but it's a true way of life in our daily lives.