Customer information management


1.Customer's Notebook

When the customer adds additional products and continues purchasing the vehicle, the system request is made for one customer account. The information in the booklet is automatically corrected when used next time, and it is not necessary to import it again.

If you think about it, you can remove personal information from the page.

2. Postal magazine correction

As for the e-mail correspondence, we have updated the information on the arrival of new products, updated the information on the arrival of new goods, and updated the contents of the e-mail address on the e-mail address.

Can be canceled or edited by email.

3. Hidden private policy

Information on editing information
  • Examples of collected personal information: name, surname, place of transfer, place of remittance, supplementary information (comprehensive credit card number, bank account number. However, this is, we do not meet with you.

  • Purpose of collection: completed goods or services, complete selfish transactions, legal terms and conditions, safe transportation, confirmation of provided documents/editing, yuegou traffic, and fraud. Selection of revised sieves. We provide information and information related to the government's policies and services to our customers.

  • Commercial purpose announcement: This service is provided by Shopify.