Transportation method

[Standard postage]

  • Japan Post Office: Nationwide Postal Service
  • Target products: jewels, textiles, clothing, and other coins
  • Delivery via mail (*Please note that we will not be liable for any damage or unforeseen damages caused by immediate delivery.)
  • Provided missing service
  • Outside of the statue containing sacrifices


  • Japan Post fixed format/non-fixed format specific mail: Nationwide free shipping
  • Target products: jewels, textiles, clothing, and other coins
  • Delivery by mail (Designated postal service badge or badge name.)
  • It is possible to check the status of delivery on the Internet. (E-mail notification service for completion of use.)

[Dispatch of easy-to-wear items]

  • Japan Post Office: Nationwide780JPY
  • Corresponding products: dining utensils (ceramics), counterfeit goods
  • Optional transaction date and time
  • Provided missing service
  • Optional safety service provided (optional cost: 380day)
  • allowance for delivery


  • According to the demand for safety service, please consult us before purchasing.

final deadline

After the bylaws were completed, I was there.1To3Inside work day coins. 

*Yuo Postal Office Shurok, Weekly Holidays and Holidays, Inkonosho, one piece of work per day.


Withdrawal/withdrawal policy

[Secondary article]

  • Antique/restored goods cause aging and appearance of scratches and deterioration.Clearly detailed information on each product page is included in the description, but it is possible that there are no marks or damages other than those listed.
  • In addition, there is a limited number of antique antique and Japanese restoration items owned by Yuo, which are not exchangeable.
  • In principle, we do not accept withdrawals or exchanges, so please check the detailed information on each product page, and ensure that you are fully satisfied before resubmitting.
  • If you have any questions, please ask us when you submit your request before purchasing.
  • In addition, if the product is damaged during the transportation process, compensation will be based on the selective delivery method and ownership.

[Return reason]

  • Due to the following reasons, we will receive the following expenses when resigning/withdrawal: shipping costs and expenses. Please be careful, we will not accept or refund due to other customers.

  1. Excellent donated product if damaged
  2. If the product you want to buy is not the same as the product you bought


[Cash withdrawal method]

  • Withdrawal deadline: After receiving the item3The connection between heaven and earth.
  • Connection method: In the e-mail with the invoice attached, it will be sent afterward.After that, our store was restored.
  • Withdrawal method: After receiving requested goods7Within the day, the method of receiving the currency is the same as when the currency is used or produced at the main store.
  • If you want to withdraw your money, you have to send an e-mail before sending it to us.



  • The product received and the product purchased are not the same: if the product has been received by other customers and has not been exchanged, we will confirm that the product has been returned and the refund will be paid.
  • Defective products delivered: We have thoroughly inspected the progress of the previous products we have, but if there is a defective product, we will return it.

one,Payment method

Subscribing method below.

[Credit calculation]

Receipt credit card: VISA / Master / American Express / Diners

It is possible to select one-time attachments, circular attachments, and intermittent attachments.

[Bank book]

  After confirming the purchase, we will notify you of the transfer to the mailbox and the bank transfer.

After the request7Tianhui exits.

In addition to this, there is no additional charge for the transaction. 


Acceptable Paypal credit cards: VISA / Master / JCB / Amex / Diners

  • Incorporation next few "primary incorporation".
  • "Product Price + Freight Expenses" for the additional details.

2.guest book 

When the customer adds additional products and continues purchasing the vehicle, the system request is made for one customer account. The information in the booklet is automatically corrected when used next time, and it is not necessary to import it again.

As a result, the request for submission of a consultation form for the customer's account and the request for approval.


3.GatewayMail magazine correction

As for the e-mail correspondence, we have updated the information on the arrival of new products, updated the information on the arrival of new goods, and updated the contents of the e-mail address on the e-mail address.

This is the page of the revised edition.


4.I hidepolicy

AboutYourCorrection information

  • Examples of collected personal information: first and last name, place of residence, place of remittance, supplementary information (comprehensive credit card, bank account), e-mail address, telephone number.


  • Purpose of collection: completed goods or services, complete selfish transactions, legal terms and conditions, safe transportation, confirmation of provided documents/editing, yuegou traffic, and fraud. Selection of revised sieves. We provide information and information related to the government's policies and services to our customers.


  • Commercial purpose announcement: This service providerShopifyshared.