courtesy service

Anna's Purple Emerald is based on the concept of a "comfortable and sustainable lifestyle" for customers to enjoy transit purchases.We hope that all kinds of shopping for adult women can continue to develop and purchase reasonable and high-quality products.
Excluding product selection, return comprehensive package thinking method.
At the store, we are ready for selection, and it is allowed to select the "purpose" and "case" of the purchase.
Each individual selection is available at the time of delivery under the “selection shipping method”.
There are two types of packaging methods.

1. Ordinary packaging (simple packaging)

We are a general merchandise type, large and small, Japanese mouth taste, and a collaborative gift box and string belt.The soft paper wrapper for the goods manager and the cushioning material box in the box are suitable for ordinary use.

If the purchase amount is more than 10,000 yuan, service will be exempted.

easy packaging

2. Presentation wrapping

We have a variety of products, large and small Japanese style gift boxes, wrapping paper Japanese silk belts.Special soft paper packaging for general merchandise, one-piece pouch packaging, reusable recycled British paper packaging, suitable for general use.

If the purchase amount is more than 20,000 yuan, service will be exempted.

gift wrapping

It is possible to choose a "selective transportation method" on the screen and select each kind of packaging method.Basic purchase price, automatic delivery target selection, and a preferred method of selection.

In addition, when purchasing 5,000 yuan or more and 10,000 yuan or less, it is usually possible to use cotton bags Environmental protection delivery”, However, it was decided to meet the basics of the commercial form and type, and the adoption of simple packaging.