Pertinent delivery method

Selectable shipping methodJapan Post/Special Register or Post Office.

If you wish to use safe packaging or gift packaging, you can select the shipping method on the screen after confirming the payment.

*What kind of heart”Greensdelivery”, request selection “Japan Post/special record” or “gift delivery”.

Resident abroad

We useJapan Post International ePacket .To ensure safety and prevent damage, please contact us by one economic airmail, liability insurance up to 6,000 yen.Determining physical weight for freight costs.The minimum charge is 690 days, after which 100 units are calculated.Any question, when askedHerecontact us.

Remittance method for customers residing in Japan

[Simple packaging/Japan Post/Ingredients]

    • Japan Post/Special record: Nationwide 280 yen (*Revised 10,000 yen exemption fee)
    • Counterproducts: Jewels, other counterfeit coins
    • Postal delivery (*Caution, immediate use, damage or loss, and unforeseen compensation.)
    • Provided missing service
    • A maximum of 50,000 Japanese Yen is available for postage. (* Selection fee: 320 JPY)
    • In the normal packaging, the non-woven fabric packaging for the product is delivered in a box with a cushioning material.

EcologyDelivery/Japan Post/Delivery Post Office]

    • Japan Post Office: Nationwide 198 yen (*Revised 5,000 yen exemption fee)
    • Target products: jewelry, cloth products and other counterfeit goods
    • Postal delivery (*Caution, immediate use, damage or loss, and unforeseen compensation.)
    • Provided missing service
    • Due to non-conforming gift packaging

[Environmentally friendly delivery]

Comes with original cotton bag or sack, with glue straps for closing and opening parts.After receiving the goods, take out the contents, attach the original label to the small bag, and then return it to the mail.

In addition, the repeated use of the small bag that was used too much, the request was made with caution, and I was deeply moved by the defeat.We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the supply, and we sincerely appreciate your understanding.

Eco Bag

[Reward/Package/Japan Post/Special Record]

    • Japan Post/Special record: Nationwide 300 yen (*Revised 20,000 yen exemption fee)
    • Target products: jewelry, cloth products and other counterfeit goods
    • Postal method (* Designated mail undemanding cover badge or nickname.)
    • Disappearing service: You can check and exchange money on the network. (*You can use the e-mail notification service for the completion of delivery.)
    • One kind of artificial selection, you can choose any simple and simple postal mail, and the maximum compensation is 50,000 yuan. (* Selection fee: 320 JPY)
    • In gift wrapping, non-woven fabric wrapping for goods, top cover cushioning material, gift wrapping paper wrapping, normal silk belt.
    • incompatibleEcologyShipping conditions 

[Dispatch of easy-to-wear items]

    • Japan Post Mail: Nationwide 780 JPY
    • Corresponding products: dining utensils (ceramics), counterfeit goods
    • Optional transaction date and time
    • Provided missing service
    • Optional safety service provided (*Optional fee: 380 JPY)
    • allowance for delivery
    • Certain trivial product mismatch ecological delivery conditions


    • How to use safety service,"Renewal" on the billing screen transportation method "safety request" during the appointment.
    • We can easily send mail for you. (380 JPY per package)
    • Comprehensive redelivery on the day of simple postal mail, designated delivery time comprehensive holidays, missing service, actual damage maximum compensation of 50,000 yuan.
    • Comprehensive safety service for Yu-Pack up to 500,000 JPY actual loss compensation.

[Final deadline]

After completing the attachment, we will have 1-3 pieces of work within a day.
(*Because the post office is around XNUMX, Weekdays and Holidays are closed, and the reason is that there is one work day.)

[Withdrawal/Withdrawal Policy]

[Secondary article]
    • Antique/restored goods cause aging and appearance of scratches and deterioration.Clearly detailed information on each product page is included in the description, but it is possible that there are no marks or damages other than those listed.
    • In addition, Yuo owns a limited number of antiques and Japanese antiques, which are illegally replaced.
    • In principle, we do not accept withdrawals or exchanges, so please check the detailed information on each product page, and ensure that you are fully satisfied before resubmitting.
    • If you have any questions, please ask us when you submit your request before purchasing.
    • In addition, if the product is damaged during the transportation process, compensation will be based on the selective delivery method and ownership.
[Return reason]

Due to the following reasons, we will have to pay the transportation costs incurred during withdrawal or withdrawal.Be careful, we do not accept other customers' withdrawals.

    1. Excellent donated product if damaged
    2. If the product you want to buy is not the same as the product you bought

    [Cash withdrawal method]

      • Withdrawal deadline: 3 days after receiving the goods.
      • Connection method: In the e-mail with the invoice attached, it will be sent afterward.After that, our store was restored.
      • Withdrawal method: Within 7 days after the arrival of the ordered goods, the method of depositing the goods will be withdrawn in the same package when the goods are delivered to the main store.
      • If you want to withdraw your money, you have to send an e-mail before sending it to us.
      • The product received and the product purchased are not the same: if the product has been received by other customers and has not been exchanged, we will confirm that the product has been returned and the refund will be paid.
      • Defective products delivered: We have thoroughly inspected the progress of the previous products we have, but if there is a defective product, we will return it.