Maintenance and post-retirement service

Maintenance service

Main store externally purchased maintenance package.

If you have any requests, please ask me to use the product image as a reference.After the war, I will continue the maintenance process.

In addition, if you wish to adjust the size at the time of purchase, please notify us of the size required by us.It's definitely an external revision, but it's possible that we'll get back to you.

Professional craftsman's association for the restoration of jewelry.
On the other hand, there are no missing items and stone heads, but we can always find similar ages and parallel progress repairs/restorations.

[Repair cost]

Contribution factors and conditions.At the time of request, we will receive a report.

【refer to】
  • Restoration Restoration Artificial Jewelery
  • Replacement line for pearls
  • Maintenance of the hand-held Kazuhiro
  • commandment scale

[Pre-exchange process]
  1. billing report
  2. General goods delivery to our store
  3. Week 1 of the maintenance period
  4. Confirmation of license/subscription (procedure of subsidy general network)
  5. Delivery of transit mail or environmental protection bag
  • Due to the maintenance period, the maintenance item and the situation are different.
  • Freight charges and freight charges are not included, and are excluded for the first time.
  • Qualified as a resident in Japan.

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