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[Antique Restoration Series]

  • jewelry

We sell antiques, antique Japanese jewelry.

It is a designated item that cannot be used immediately, and it is a gem that has been preserved perfectly, and its design is accepted by the current envoy. The necklace I own is clean and in good condition. In recent years, the amount of rare gemstones has been steadily declining, and the gemstone world has been on the rise and continues to expand. On the other hand, there is no artificial production of earthen technology, but the new use of finite resources is meaningful, and the possibility of great restoration and two-handed gemstones is possible. I want to be able to live in the world, and the owner can enjoy both the superior quality and the combination of ancient and precious treasures.

In the Zhubao era, we have a series of comparative modern Zhubao. As the writings changed over time, the demand for necklaces also changed. Because of the precious metals, the sense of class in the past, reaching a different world, admiration for the individuality of women, minimalist aesthetic consciousness, the re-arrival of contemporary transitions, and the evolution of jewels. Taking into consideration the current trends, we can safely choose the location and design the modern layout.

*Costume jewelry started in 1920, when it became fashionable to make so-called costume necklaces, such as water lugs, pearl beads, enamel, gilding, and silver platting.
*An antique for over 100 years, an antique for less than 30 years.
  • skirt
The costumes are both ancient and unused, with Japanese handcraftsmanship. Limited to one item per item. In addition to this, the owned products are owned by the UK.
  • package

Started in the 1950s. A unique design that reflects the trends of the times, and is an authentic Japanese handcrafted product. I am a major British country, and India and Japan have entered the world.
  • Restoration fee

Vintage Fabric Japanese decoration other than 處りclothes. Hand-crafted knitted silk-covered robes, hairbands, carefully woven lace cloth, and non-recyclable material-made packaging.
  • retro tableware
The main tableware is English ceramic porcelain and Japanese glassware plates.
From the 1930s to the 50s, the tea cup was a unique and rare product. At present, this kind of British porcelain ware manufacturing business is now heading to Asia, and the production system is centered on the production system, which is why the British porcelain manufacturing industry and the combination of ancient porcelain porcelain colors and designs have been brought to the warm feeling of the country. .