Commodity series: Unique handicrafts

Handicraft products made from sustainable materials

Can be washed with water, can be used multiple times, can be easily released into packaging, can be used multiple times, and can be used repeatedly. However, the feeling of starting up is good.

The scope of small-scale production business and non-large-scale production business is very sustainable.

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“Reusable mask” made from organic cotton

Organic cotton cloth


    A face made by one of Tanfu's craftsmen. You can enjoy a warm friction sensation on the skin and a moderate massage sensation. The small bag for washing is cute, and when the messenger arrives, the inside of the room is also improperly decorated. The material is GOTS certified organic cotton, and can be washed and used repeatedly. This is one of the most durable beauty products made from primary cotton. It is a handmade product, and each color and color is Japanese and can be made in different places.


    Material: organic cotton

    Size: 6cm (diameter)

    Quantity: 6 cases

    Country of Origin: Tanfu