Commodity series: retro tableware

Welcome to my tea room

How about a tea break?

I'm here, and it's time for my tea time to rejuvenate my spirit.

Ancient and fragrant teacups, fragrant and fragrant tea, remember your daily life.

Of course, it's a special space to enter a cute flower-shaped tableware in a city. . .

[Tea Cup]

《Discharge Label》

  • Ansuri

Aynsley founded in 1775.The tradition of outstanding craftsmanship has been inherited to the present day, and is characterized by the elegance of the molding and the elegance of the craftsmanship.Today, it is the porcelain bowl that is the official gift of the British royal family. (Extracted from

  • Onomatopoeia

In 1850, Foley established the Fenton area in England, and at that time, the Wedgewood-style kiln was established.After several mergers and renamings, Fenton's Minerva kiln production. (Picking own special river bank)

  • Royal Arhakutoku

Started in 1904 at Royal Albert.I continue to create unique works, and I am satisfied with the gentle beauty of the British woman.A special edition of the “Old Country Rose” painting has a 50-year history. (Extracted from

  • Shafude

Shafford Kore family Japanese porcelain manufacturer, from 1940 to 1970.There are several types of typographical markings, and there are several types of sketches and numbers.There are 100 different styles of dining utensils, including a large number of floral patterns, fruit patterns, etc. (Takeshi, History of Shafude Pottery)

  • crown tower fude county

Thomas Green (Thomas Green) founded the company in 1790 in England.Later, in the early 1800s, the famous Minerva Works began full-scale production of high-quality products.

Since 1933, he has been a Minerva Kiln specialist.Therefore, due to technical reasons, it is not a good antique antique manufacturer, but it has a very high voice at the time.

Acquired by Jack Jones in 1973 by Wedgewood Group, abandoned in 1985. Named Crown Staffordshire.

(self-portrait sculpture)

  • Keer Kurafu

Established in 1913 by Herbert Joseph Colcrouh, mayor of Colclogh Yuzen Roton City. Purchased by Royal Doulton in 1972 at Colclough. (self-portrait sculpture)

strong forest brothers

Established in 1883 as Hanson Brothers Company.A Japanese tableware manufacturer in England, the name of the tableware was suggested earlier.From the 1890s to the 1960s, it became one of the most successful manufacturers in Fude County, among which many products exited to America.A variety of iron stone home pottery products that can be used to remove tableware and return home.

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  • vintage cotton cloth
  • antique cloth material table cloth
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