Commodity series: Aintique / Retro Jewel Series

Return to the ancient world

Antiques/Restoration/Jewel Collection

We have an ancient antique, an ancient Japanese artificial jewel.

Immediate use of the lawless identification product plate in a certain era, we also worked hard to provide a jewel in good condition and design that lasts forever. In recent years, the amount of rare gemstones has been steadily declining, and the gemstone world has been on the rise and continues to expand. On the other hand, there is a natural artificial production of earthen technology, but we recognize that heavy new use of finite resources is meaningful, and we have the possibility of great restoration and two-handed jewels. I want to be able to live in the world, and the owner can enjoy both the superior quality and the combination of ancient and precious treasures.

In the Zhubao era, we have a series of comparative modern Zhubao. As the writings changed over time, the demand for necklaces also changed. The sense of class that came from the precious metals and precious stones, the world-class respect for each person, the individual thought of women's body, the minimalist aesthetics, and the transition of modern style towards the present, and the birth of jewels. I'm gone. Because of this, our consciousness can be easily selected from the east and west in modern times.


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Antique/Restoration goods due to aging and appearance of scratches and deterioration. There is a detailed review on each product page, but there are also marks and damage other than the contents described. Will repurchase after approval.