Commodity series: Germany

Dokukoku Treasure

Historically, during the period of the great migration of the Nichimiman ethnic group in the 4th to 6th centuries, the tribes who migrated to the north (Skantei Naweiya).An illiterate military conqueror, multi-purpose discordant ironware and weapons invaded the Roma Empire.There is a different national character to return to the country, the image of the Chinese people eating noodles and sake, and the Chinese people eating meat and sake.

In 1809, after the Prussian royal family was defeated during the war, it was awarded to the royal family as a treasure.Symbolic content does not include precious metals.Others have different views, especially the long metalwork. 18th-century crafted jewels, such as observations in famous micro-gold works, the comparison of precious jewels, and the use of finely crafted gold products, as well as delicate hair decorations and enamels, etc.Emphasis on receiving goods, emphasizing emotional expression and receiving, and skill and skill.

Considering the first point, when it comes to the national treasure, it can be seen that the high level of technology.That's why every piece of jewelry is an outstanding piece of metal industry.Note XNUMX: The small part is very easy to understand.

There are only a few carefully selected products in stock, but the city is a rare item that I hope to collect.