Commodity series: antique necklace

Antique necklace series

We sell antiques, antique Japanese jewelry.

There is a designated label that cannot be used immediately.You can wear it as long as you keep your jewelry clean.In recent years, the amount of rare and expensive gemstones has been declining, and the jewelery world is rising.On the other hand, there is always artificially generated metal technology, but we recognize that the repeated use of limited resources is meaningful.We hope to be able to live in the original land and simultaneously enjoy the superior quality and leather of the ancient gems.

In our time, we have a series of comparative modern gems.The change of the times, the demands of jewelry have changed.As a result, precious metals, precious stones and reborn class, one world, personal admiration for women, minimalist aesthetics, re-arrival of the modern era, jewelry has evolved.Considering the trend, we are able to choose the best possible location, and it is a modern and timeless design.

*Costume jewelry started in 1920, so-called necklaces made of popular jewelry, pearls, enamel, gold plating, and silver plating. *For more than 100 years old, less than 30 years old.