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Directly Continuing Great Interest Money Craftsmanship Purchasing Jewelery Series

將 18ct yellow gold infused with sterling silver, beautiful and solid yellow gold jewelry craftsmanship has been developed since ancient times, and is now a world-famous jewelery trader "vermeil".

In addition to this, the owner's precious stone is used Dode stone and synthetic stone.Dode Treasure Stone Passage Sign 2015 Modern Slavery Bill for Dode Producers Flow Distribution Market.On the other hand, the synthetic stone is a synthetic stone produced by a chemical method.There are many similarities to the Great Brands that have been developed and developed.And the glass is different, the synthetic gemstone weight is light, the beauty of the gloss is that the chemical structure is the same as the natural gemstone.

In Anna's Purple Emerald, I hope to support the activities of the new idea of ​​the goldsmith's workshop, and in the workshop, the traditional idea of ​​the technique and the sustainable development of the idea coexist.

Because it is a regulated hand-made jewel, that is why it is given in a small amount.


[Deluxe card]

More than half precious stones and pure silver Pursuit of simple aesthetics


Rama's family goldsmith craftsmanship, a new style jewel

[Gioielleria Bora Satsuba]

A family goldsmith craftsman at the southern end of Makchojima, Iori Omori, has continued to produce traditional and elaborate Makchojima jewels.

Collezione Laboratorio Orafo Italiano