Commodity series: chest needle

Chest needle strength!

There is a unique body with a chest needle, a figure, and a necklace on the hand, arm, or arm.Anything you want is possible.

It's common to see each unique enamel breast needle.

The era of our life, written by a chest needle.

In the chaos of COVID-XNUMX, the inhabitants have different ways of thinking and harmonization.

I'm aware that I'm a genuine representative of some design, and I'm currently living in a real situation.

“Discussed by BBC Commercial Daily”

Mosen chest needle support

When using a thoracic needle to remove the hair, the thickness of the hair will move when the needle is applied.


Mosen chest needle support. (Original product of the head office)

It has a circular thickness of about 5 cm in diameter, and there is sluggishness when the chest needle is removed after use.

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