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Handmade BOHO Clutch bag from Banjara India

Handmade BOHO Clutch bag from Banjara India

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A soft cotton clutch bag handmade by a skilled craftsman in Indian Restaurant Bar Banjara.

Each bag has traditional embroidery and no one has the same design.The front, back, left and right, and inside embroidery of the bag are all different designs, so you will be impressed by the uncompromising commitment of the craftsmen.The front edging is adorned with beads and tassel, and the shoulder straps are braided with three-colored threads tied together like a twist.

In addition, it has one inner pocket and the bag can be closed with a zipper, so the contents will not come out even if the clutch is opened.

The clutch bag, which is beautifully finished by various efforts and ingenuity, is lean.Since it is made of cloth and thread, it naturally realizes sustainable manufacturing.

It seems to be useful for a little outing, belly dance lesson, as a second bag on the road, or as a toiletry bag.


  • Material: cotton
  • Size: 15.2cm(Vertical)× 25.4cm(side)× 55cm(Length of shoulder strap)
  • Fastener: Magnet
  • Weight: 150g
  • Country of origin: India

 Because it is handmade, there are individual differences.In addition, some splicing and fraying can be seen.We would appreciate it if you could purchase it after understanding.


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