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Vintage 1980s Tiger's Eye Figa a Mano Pendant

Vintage 1980s Tiger's Eye Figa a Mano Pendant

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A boldly engraved "Figa a Mano" pendant with Tiger's eye.

The glossy Tiger's eye sparkles from light brown to gold.The classic "Figa a Mano" is finished in a wild atmosphere, and it is a pendant that can produce a slightly different personality.

A relatively recent vintage with silver-tone fasteners.Although some small scratches can be seen, it is in a beautiful condition.

It is a changeable jewelry that you can enjoy according to your silver chain.


  • Material: Tiger's eye, silver tone
  • Size: W: 1cm L: 5cm  
  • Weight: 6g
  • Age: Around the 1980s
  • Importing country: UK


[Figa A Mano]

"Figa A Mano" is very popular as Italian antique jewelry. "Figa" is, in fact, traditionally an obscene gesture, and the word "Figa" itself is an Etruscan slang term for female genitals. In ancient times, these Figa were worn as spells to the goddess of fertility and were associated with the goddess of the moon and the goddess of the sea.2It was made from two materials: coral and silver. It's very similar to the rock'n'roll gesture, and was actually originally used to ward off the devil.


[TIger's Eye]

The colorful rocks, mainly from the Pilbara region of Western Australia, are made up of iron and abundant sediments deposited in the ancient sea about 25 billion years ago.Millions of years later, the deposits crystallized to form layers of hematite, magnetite, and jasper.Rocks with light reflected by silky shiny golden quartz fibers are called Tiger's Eye and create the "cat's eye effect".These materials are commonly engraved to make beads or large cabochons.


[Power Stone: Power Stone]

Birthstone: BirthStone: October October

It is said to have the effect of cultivating insight and determination, leading to the best decisions, improving work luck and fortune, and supporting the fulfillment of aspirations.It is said to give the power to discern the essence of things, and it will bring abundant fruit to those who start a new business, those who are thinking about expansion, and those who are trying new things.

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