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Anna's Purple Emerald

Marquise Shape Green Chalcedony Silver Ring

Marquise Shape Green Chalcedony Silver Ring

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A lovely marquise shaped green chalcedony ring with small accents on the top and sides.

Green Chalcedony, which shines fantastically translucent, looks like the light in the bright sea.By adding a small CZ to the top and sides, it will make your fingers look decorative and feminine.

The ring is made of silver overlaid with 14 carat gold.Pale light like rose gold is elegant.


  • Materials: Green Chalcedony, CZ, Silver (#925), 14KGF (Gold Plated)
  • Size: Ring size: No. 11 USA: 6 UK: L. Ring width: 1.3cm Cabochon: W: 1cm L: 5mm 
  • Weight: 3g
  • Condition: NEW (new unused)
  • Country of Origin: Australia



Chalcedony is considered to be the same as agate, and has been used as a jasper and magatama since ancient times as a king's jewelry.Chalcedony with various colors and patterns is produced all over the world.The composition of quartz is a cryptocrystalline aggregate (a structure in which fine particles are gathered together), and the chemical composition is SiO.2 Therefore, silica (silicon dioxide) and oxygen are petrified by pressure.It is one of the important substances that form the crust, and depending on the pressure and temperature conditions, there are crystal phases of various minerals such as quartz in addition to agate.It is also a substance that affects the viscosity of magma.


Birthstone: March, August (Capricorn, Cancer) March, August

Chalcedony that seeks to harmonize the mind and body.It is said that you will be able to develop affection and interact with people with a gentle feeling.It will also eliminate fear and depression and bring joy to life and abundance of loving hearts.It is said to support you so that you can interact with people with a gentle feeling, and it will give good intentions to your heart.It is said to improve relationships and bring stability and healing.It should give good energy to the group and increase compassion and empathy.Blue chalcedony will also strengthen the owner's energy and encourage them to be tenacious and powerful in achieving their goals.

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