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Anna's Purple Emerald

Vintage sterling silver star cut lavender topaz earrings

Vintage sterling silver star cut lavender topaz earrings

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We are reusing sterling silver from the 1980s.Also, because Gem is a lab create, it is 100% sustainable fine jewelery.A bright purple lavender topaz cut into a star shape is prong set with the claws of the pedestal.Beautiful earrings with the image of a star shining at twilight by Lavender Topaz.It seems to be useful in any situation. (Pierced earrings)


  • Material: Vintage sterling silver (# 925 engraved), lavender topaz
  • Size: Gem:7mm, D: 1.7cm (stud depth)
  • Fasteners: studs
  • Age: Silver in the 1980s
  • Country of origin: USA


Birth Stone: November, November

Traditionally, all yellow, brown and orange transparent gems were called topaz.However, with the advent of modern gemology, many of these stones have been reclassified as different species.Citrine is sometimes mistaken for topaz, but citrine is quartz and a unique gem species.Topaz has different physical and optical properties than citrine, especially in hardness and brilliance.


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