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Anna's Purple Emerald

Vintage Sterling Silver Natural Pearl & White Topaz Ring

Vintage Sterling Silver Natural Pearl & White Topaz Ring

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We are reusing sterling silver from the 1980s.In addition, pavé white topaz is set on the natural pearl and shank, and they are crossed over with different designs.

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  • Materials: Par, White Topaz, Sterling Silver
  • Size: No. 13 USA: 7 Ring diameter: 1.8cm Gem: 5mm
  • Weight: 1.8g
  • Age: Silver in the 1980s
  • Country of origin: USA



Birthstone: June, June

Pearls are simple and purely organic.Its minerals consist of calcium and carbonate and are either naturally produced in mollusks such as marine and freshwater shellfish or cultivated by humans with great care.Shiny, smooth and subtle colored pearls are a staple of jewelry, especially as necklaces.

Power stone: Power stone

Pearls have been around for a long time"Purity","Humility"And"Innocence"Was related to. In other words, 6The meaning of the moon birthstone is ""sweet simplicity"-"Sweet simplicity"You can say. As a result, pearls have traditionally been given as wedding gifts.The ancient Sanskrit text ""Atharvaveda"-"Atharvaveda"It was said that pearls bring longevity and prosperity.Also in Asia, pearls were believed to help relieve indigestion and bleeding.

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