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Vintage Sterling Silver Natural Amethyst Filigree Ring

Vintage Sterling Silver Natural Amethyst Filigree Ring

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We are reusing sterling silver from the 1980s.

Amethyst (natural mining) is about the size of a fingernail and has a volumey structure that is lifted about 5 mm from the shoulder.Facets are applied to the pavilion and crown to collect light from the airline (window) and sparkle well.

The shoulder part has a mesh-like filigree, and the stone claws have a filigree, giving the overall appearance an artistic finish.

At first glance it looks elegant, but it can also look mannish and wild.An easy-to-use amethyst ring that you can enjoy from casual coordination to gorgeous cocktail time. 


  • Material: Sterling silver (# 925 engraved), amethyst (natural mining)
  • Size: No. 13 UK: N USA: 1.2 Front width: XNUMXcm
  • 重量: 3.1g
  • Age: Silver in the 1980s
  • Country of origin: USA

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Birthstone: February, February

People have appreciated amethyst for thousands of years.The ancient Egyptians probably carved animal shapes as a talisman of protection.It was also believed by the ancient Greeks to have the power to "prevent drunkenness."

Power stone:Powerstone: Amethyst is considered to be a highly spiritual stone and is said to have the effect of turning negative energy into positive.It can be expected to be effective as a talisman that enhances the sixth sense and protects oneself from evil things, deepens the bond of heart with an important person as a "guard stone of love", and fosters the strength to protect true love. Will be done.

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