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Vintage 1970s Bernard Instone Cornish Pisky Silver Ring

Vintage 1970s Bernard Instone Cornish Pisky Silver Ring

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It is the work of Bernard Instone, a silversmith and designer who has been highly acclaimed since the Art Deco era.A lovely design where Cornish Pisky praises a fearless smile at your fingertips.

Pixies (or pixi, pizkie) are mythical creatures of the Celtic folklore of Cornwall, Northern England, near Ireland.Pixies are believed to be particularly concentrated in the highlands, around wastelands, Devon, and Cornwall.Therefore, the features are similar to Irish and Scottish.Pixies are thought to inhabit the sanctuaries of ancient ancestors, appearing in stone circles, trolleys, dolmens (Stone Age giant stone burial mounds), ringforts, or Menhir (Bronze Age steles) and are mischievous. , Short and attractive child-like.They love dancing and get together to dance and sometimes wrestle overnight.

In modern times, they are thought to be wearing pointed ears, green clothing, and pointed hats, but traditionally, in the hope of a gift of new clothing, they are dirty and shabby. It is explained that he wore a bunch of pieces.

Wearing a pixie is a Victorian custom, and the ring has a lovely design that resembles a pixie head, with some patina (discoloration), but in good vintage condition.


  • Material: Sterling silver
  • Size: No. 17 UK: Q 1/2 USA: 8 1/2 Ring diameter: 1.8cm Front width: 1.6 cm
  • Weight: 6g
  • Brand: Bernard Instone (BI, SILVER engraved)
  • Age: 1970s
  • Country of origin: England


Bernard Instone

BERNARD INSTONE was born in 1891 in Birmingham.At the age of 12, he received a scholarship to attend the Central School Of Art. From 1904 to 1912 he studied jewelery and practical silversmithing at the Birmingham Jewelery School and studied under the famous Arthur Guskin.

After graduating from art school, INSTONE started working in John Paul Cooper's studio.He was then selected by Berlin's goldsmith Emil Lettre to travel to Berlin, where he made a beautiful amethyst brooch for the King of Bavaria.

In 1920 he founded a silver workshop in Birmingham called Langstone Silverworks in Digbeth.He mass-produced jewelery that incorporates nature and provided many jewelery design inspirations.His work was distinctive with leaves, flowers, colorful enamel and semi-precious stones.

In 1937, he became president of the Birmingham Gem Association and has held several exhibitions.

1963Year, he took control of the business of his son1Give it away and spend the rest of your life with your wife Barbara and the Cotswolds1983I spent up to the year. today,Bernard InstoneThe work of is very popular among collectors due to its high quality technology, detail and aesthetic sense.

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