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Vintage 1960s Napier Gold Tone Large White Lucite Ball Clip Earrings

Vintage 1960s Napier Gold Tone Large White Lucite Ball Clip Earrings

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Napier Large Size White Lucite Ball Clip Earrings.The White Lucite ball has a diameter of 2 cm and is just like a quail egg.The back is set with a gold tone designed like a strawberry calyx.It has a very eye-catching and sensual presence.However, since it is very large, I think it is better not to use it when moving violently.It is also engraved with Napier's Pat Pend, and the company has a patent on its manufacturing mechanism.No particular damage is found.When using it, it is safer to turn the screw firmly after closing the clip.


  • Material: Gold tone, Lucite
  • Size: W: 2.6cm L: 2.6cm D: 3.7cm (depth)
  • Fasteners: screws, soft clips
  • Brand: Napier
  • Age: 1960 to 1970
  • Country of origin: USA


1875Founded in XNUMX, Napier originally manufactured silver products, but after World War I focused on modern jewelery.1999It continued to operate until the year.The initial design was1920Age and30It is very collectible with Egyptian-style works of the era. 1950From the age60Over the years, Napier produced a variety of gold-plated charm bracelets and was very popular.Coins, antique stickers, and oriental motifs are in great demand.Already1One great line is a simple golden mesh and silver-tone jewelery.

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