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Anna's Purple Emerald

Vintage Reversible White & Aqua Blue Organza Half Apron

Vintage Reversible White & Aqua Blue Organza Half Apron

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Aqua colorVintage reversible sheer nylon apron with trim.The organza has two layers and has one front and one back pocket with a white ribbon, so it can also be used reversibly.This lovely organza apron is nicer to wear during tea time or some hospitality than it is to actually wear it while cooking.It is a very lovely apron that makes tea time feel brighter than usual.

To clean, gently wash your hands with cold or lukewarm water and dry indoors.Also,When ironing nylon, the temperature of the iron is low80 degreesPlease specify up to 120 degrees.Then, do not apply the iron directly, but cover it with a cloth and iron it.


  • Material: Nylon, Vintage Ribbon
  • Size: W: 129cm L: 45cm Ribbon length: 43cm
  • Country of origin: Canada
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