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Vintage 1930s Butterscotch Bernstein Silver Manchester Knopfe Earl Deco

Vintage 1930s Butterscotch Bernstein Silver Manchester Knopfe Earl Deco

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Butterscotch-colored cuff links that link the Baltic Amber and silver T-bar produced around 1930.

Because it is an old vintage, there are some chips.In addition, small scratches can be seen on the surface.Amber is not transparent, but it has inclusions and a natural corrugated pattern.In addition, the T-bar is made of matte silver and is linked by a chain of about 2.2 cm, so there is play in movement.

The bright shades of the cuff links add an iconic accent to your shirt or jacket.The warm colors and smooth texture make you want to see (show) your hands.

Obtained from a German antique collector, this is a genuine Deutsche accessory that never goes out of the gate.


  • Material: Amber, Silver (with 830 engraving)
  • Size: W: 2cm L: 1.3cm D: 2.5cm (depth including link)
  • Weight: 4.8g
  • Fastener: T-bar
  • Age: 1930s
  • Country of origin: Germany



Birthstone: Birthstone: Amber is not a birthstone, but it is associated with the constellation of Taurus.

Amber is an organic gem.Amber is formed tens of millions of years ago by hardening and fossilizing sap from ancient trees.Scientists and collectors value amber, which contains fragments of animals and plants floating inside.The fossilized pieces of what was once alive are trapped in hardened amber, creating an attractive time capsule.Some types of amber are found on the surface of the earth.Other types are carried by tides and eventually reach beaches and coastal areas.The Baltic coast, adjacent to Germany, Poland and Russia, remains an important amber producing region.

Amber is also sometimes called "northern gold".Its warm luster is used in beads, sculptures, pendants, cabochons, as well as ornaments such as cups, bowls, snuff boxes, and umbrella handles.

[Powerstone: Powerstone]

Amber has health and healing benefits.Amber is a stone with brightness and calm, and it is a physical and mental energy. It will support you so that you can play Ruggy well.


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