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Anna's Purple Emerald

Vintage 1970 Chondoro Bulldog Piccolo

Vintage 1970 Chondoro Bulldog Piccolo

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The second item has arrived from an antique collector who buys by hand picks at antique markets all over Italy.

It is a cute charm with a moderately fat bulldog face.It faithfully expresses the sagging face, the flesh of the hamstring, the toenails, and the unevenness of the soles of the feet.It is a miniature object that you can enjoy sculpting from all directions.

There are signs of wear with vintage use. (Silver dullness, wear)

This silver charm has a hole mark on the hook to indicate that it was made in the Arezzo workshop in Italy.For those who are looking for a charm that is particular about it.


  • Material: Silver (# 800)
  • Size: W: 1.5 cm L: 2cm (Including hook) 
  • Weight: 8g
  • Hallmark; Silver (# 800), Arezzo (Production area:Arezzo
  • Age:1970Age distribution
  • Country of origin: Italy
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