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Anna's Purple Emerald

Vintage Christian Dior Navy Floral Scarf Silk Twill

Vintage Christian Dior Navy Floral Scarf Silk Twill

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It is a mod-taste design with ivory, navy, white, and beige mosaic-like flowers arranged in a flowing manner based on brown.

The slightly thick silk twill and the large size of 76cm * 76cm give an impact to the outfit.It is a design that you want to enjoy by wrapping it boldly or by spreading the pattern and wearing it.

The edging is a very polite reverse hand roll (hand-wound on the front side), and when placed on a flat surface, the edging is raised.It is finished in a beautiful square without distortion.

There are two faint spots, but it's not a noticeable level, and it's a beautiful vintage condition overall.

* It has been cleaned.


  • Material: 100% silk
  • Size: W: 76cm L: 76cm 
  • Brand: Christian Dior 
  • Country of origin:France
  • Care method; dry cleaning only
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