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Vintage 1980s Blue & White Enamel Tiger Lily Clip-on Earrings

Vintage 1980s Blue & White Enamel Tiger Lily Clip-on Earrings

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Blue & white enamel tiger lily flower earrings.

The gold tone is skillfully curved to gracefully express the flowering of Tiger Lily.The petals are white with light blue and dark blue enamel to faithfully reproduce the refreshing lily.Blue clear glass is set on the flower core to create a gorgeous atmosphere.

Beautiful earrings with a glimpse of very delicate craftsmanship.There is no signature (designer's engraving), but it is similar to the atmosphere of Coro.

There is no noticeable damage. (Slight loss of enamel, small scratches on the metal, etc., but not at a level of concern) The clip of the fastener bounces moderately and stays firmly.

It is a wonderful work that carefully expresses the splendid Tiger Lily blooming on the country side of the United States.

When you put it on, it immediately becomes a gorgeous face and your heart seems to be gorgeous.


This item is a silicone cover(¥ 50)You can choose with or without.Use by inserting the clip that comes to the back of the earlobe into the cut part of the cover.


  • Material: Gold tone, enamel
  • Size: W: 2.8cm L: 1.8cm D: 1.4cm
  • Weight: 18g
  • Fastener: Clip
  • Age: 1980s
  • Country of origin: USA
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