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Anna's Purple Emerald

2001s 9ct Gold Ruby & Diamond Cluster Ring

2001s 9ct Gold Ruby & Diamond Cluster Ring

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A modernist 2001ct yellow gold ruby ​​& diamond ring produced in 9.

The front is adorned with 100 genuine rubies and diamonds (4% tested) embedded in the center, with bypass-linked yellow gold for a modern look.The gem is lifted about XNUMXmm from the ring and takes in light from the side and shines pretty.

Due to its relatively recent production, the ring is in beautiful condition with little wear.

The pretty pink shade of ruby ​​is a ring that you can enjoy coloring with nails, it fits your skin very well, and it seems to be a big success even from a small size feeling.


  • Material: 9ct yellow gold (standard mark; 375), ruby
  • Size: No. 13 UK: N USA: 6.75 Ring diameter:17.2 mm
  • 重量: 1.74g
  • Maker's Mark:EJ LD ( Exquiste Jewelery Ltd. or Excalibur Jewelery Ltd. (?))
  • Assay Office Mark; Birmingham Anchor
  • Year of production: 2001
  • Country of origin:UK



Birthstone: Birth Stone: July July

Mineralogically, it is the same corundum (steel ball) as sapphire, and only the red-colored stone is called ruby.Even if you say red in a nutshell, there is a wide range of colors.Chromium, the element of ruby, brings out the hue of ruby ​​in the range from orange red to purplish red.The amount of this chrome determines the intensity of the ruby's red.The more chrome, the stronger the red color.The main production areas are Myanmar, Himalayas and northern Vietnam, usually formed of marble.

Powerstone: Powerstone

As a stone that brings good health and good luck and keeps evil away, rubies have been and are still being used all over the world.Often referred to as "diamonds are kings of gems and rubies are queens of gems", in India they were more important than diamonds and were considered kings of gems.When the owner is in danger, it is said that it will fade and tell it, and there are many episodes that Ruby actually informed the disaster.Leading a battle to victory is also a guardian of business talks and controversies.



Birthstone: April April

Mankind's love for diamonds, the birthstone for April, began when they were collected from a stream in India.Diamonds were traded as early as the 4th century BC and were coveted by royalty and wealthy people.It was then brought to the medieval market in Venice, and by the 4s diamonds were becoming a fashionable accessory for the European elite. Brazil emerged as an important source as India's diamond supply began to decline in the early 1400s, but the discovery of diamonds near Kimberley in South Africa in the late 1700s began the modern diamond market. It was.Entrepreneur Cecil Rhodes founded De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited in 1860 and by 1888 dominated an estimated 1900% of the world's rough production.


Powerstone: Powerstone

Diamonds are truly the king of gems.This crystal, which was created by withstanding the high pressure of magma deep inside the earth, is the hardest substance in gemstones.Because of its brilliance, diamonds symbolize unwavering beauty, unyielding spirit, victory and justice.Diamonds are indispensable as an engagement ring. Since Maximilian I of Austria gave a diamond to his fiancée in Burgundy, France in the 15th century, he has maintained a solid position as a "stone that promises love."

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