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Vintage 1960s Water Melon Rivoli Thai Tuck Pin

Vintage 1960s Water Melon Rivoli Thai Tuck Pin

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A 1960s tie tack pin with a bright gilt from London.The cabochon is a watermelon-colored Rivoli crystal (with pointed facets) that sparkles very brightly.Even when viewed from a distance, it has a presence that makes the tie shine.When using the Thai Tuck PinI think a wool tie is good.Steam iron and lightly massage to close the hole.Thai tack was popular in the 1960s and 70s, but nowadays it is often used for formal occasions and when you want to bring uniqueness to your style.In Japan, the tie tack serves to secure the shirt and tie when the tie hangs down and is annoying when bowing.Thai Tuck not only creates personality in your style, but also brings functionality and cleanliness.

The fastener pins are tight and safe.This Thai tack is very beautiful, untouched.We are ready to further clean and wear it in our shop.

  • Material: metal, glass
  • Size: Cabochon: 1cm x 1cm Chain length: 3.8cm
  • Weight: 5g
  • Fasteners: Tuck pins
  • Age: 1960s
  • Country of origin: UK
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