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Veronese ・ "Diamonique" ・ Sterling silver ・ Gold ・ Vermeil ・ CZ ・ Ring

Veronese ・ "Diamonique" ・ Sterling silver ・ Gold ・ Vermeil ・ CZ ・ Ring

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Made by Veronese, this Vermeil ring is made of sterling silver with 18k gold overlaid.

A beautiful solid sterling silver ring set with glittering cubic zirconia. "Diamonyk" is manufactured by Veronese in Verona, Italy and is a world-famous brand.

The ring was manufactured in relatively recent years and is in fairly good condition with almost no usability.The ring bears the "925" mark for sterling silver, the "V" Maker's Mark for Veronese and the "DQCZ" mark for "Diamonyk".

Beautiful Italian Vermeil ring.Coupled with the glitter of the crystal, it looks like a collection of flashes of light on your fingers.

You can choose from 3 types of designs.


  • Material: 18k Gold Overlay Sterling Silver (Vermeil), CZ
  • Size: Flower Cluster: No. 12.5 USA: 7 UK: 54 Front Width: 1.5cm
  •               Art Nouveau: No. 12.5 USA: 7 UK: 54 Front width: 1.2cm
  •     Double face: No. 13  USA: 7.5 UK: 55 Front width: 16mm
  • Weight: 5g
  • Age: Around the 2000s
  • Country of origin: Italy

How to measure the ring sizeplease use this form. 


The Veronese collection combines skillful craftsmanship with classic charm. The combination of 18ct gold and sterling silver produces incredibly high quality jewelery. 18ct gold is the Italian standard, which gives it a rich, warm buttery yellow glow.In addition, Vermeil is sterling silver with an upper layer of 18ct gold, which makes the individual thicker, so it lasts longer than general gold-plated jewelry.
The city of Verona, Italy, is one of the fascinating and most elegant cities.Verona is home to upscale shops, aristocratic women and gorgeous monuments, and is also the setting for Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, the cultural and greatest love story in the world.

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