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Antique 1910s Turtle & Shell Gilt Sterling Silver Pin Brooch

Antique 1910s Turtle & Shell Gilt Sterling Silver Pin Brooch

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A turtle and shell pin brooch produced during the Edwardian period in the 1910s.The combination of curvilinear design and organic motifs gives a glimpse of the characteristics of Art Nouveau.

The shell and turtle have beautiful corrugated patterns on the back and surface and a star-shaped embossing by hand.In addition, the surface is partially filled with gold to give it a light luster.

A small clasp is made on the top of the shell and the turtle is linked, so it shakes a little when it moves.

It is a lovely antique condition overall.Surface wear and slight fading can be seen.The C clasp and hinge part of the fastener are welded directly to the main body, and you can confirm that the needle sits stably in the clasp with a moderate depth.

It is not suitable for thick fabrics because it is a very small pin brooch and the gap between the main body and the needle is narrow.I think it's best to attach it as a lace pin or on the collar of your shirt.

It's a lovely brooch that will soften not only the wearer but also the viewer.


  • Material: Sterling Silver, Gilt Silver
  • Size: W: 25mm L: 19mm D: 7mm
  • Weight: 2.2g
  • Fastener: C clasp
  • Age: 1910s
  • Country of origin: England
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