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Three Aquamarines Dots Earring

Three Aquamarines Dots Earring

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Simple style earrings with 3 large aquamarine set.With a length of 5.8 cm, the refreshing pale turquoise aquamarine creates a solid look around your face.The minimalist design fits any style.


  • Material: Aquamarine (Africa, AAA), metal
  • Size: 5.7cm (including hook)
  • Fastener: Hook
  • This is our original handmade item.Not vintage.



Birthstone: March, March

Aquamarine has a small amount of iron that reflects its color.Hues range from bluish green, turquoise, greenish blue to dark blue, with shades ranging from very light to moderately dark.The color is usually accentuated by the cut.Western culture has a folklore that is strongly associated with the sea from the color and name of aquamarine.Traditionally includes protection for sailors, fishermen, and general travelers.

Power stone:Powerstone: Aquamarine that symbolizes happiness, eternal youth, wealth, joy and courage.Aquamarine, which is said to give the wearer youth and power and have the power of the sea, makes you feel as if you are in the water.Therefore, it is said that you can treat others with a gentle feeling and improve your communication skills.In addition to bringing about happy romance and marriage, it is said to restore the original beauty and correctness to the mind and body.Called the "Queen of the Jewels of the Night" because it shines brighter in the dark, it is also a stone that shows the light of hope in times of difficulty.It is said that if you carry it with you on a trip, you will protect yourself from accidents.

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