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Anna's Purple Emerald

Spilla a Grappolo di Uva in Corallo Argent Antico

Spilla a Grappolo di Uva in Corallo Argent Antico

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A lovely moving brooch made by connecting coral beads with metal and linking them from gold branches.

A thin wire is used to wrap a piece of metal, which is a pillar, with coral connected to make it look like a grape.A thin wire is wrapped like a vine and treated with gold leaf to faithfully reproduce it like a real grape.

In southern Italy, there are many jewelery made with coral and pearls, and the grape motif seems to have been a staple since the old vintage era.

As for the condition, dullness of gold plating, patina (discoloration) on the back side, and distortion of the shape of grapes can be seen.Also the fasteners are working properly.

Coral is very vulnerable to sweat and oils and is delicate.After use, gently polish it with a soft, dry cloth. 


  • Material: Coral, sterling silver (# 800 engraved)
  • Size: W: 4.5cm L: 3cm D: 1cm
  • Weight: 8g
  • Fastener: Rollover clasp
  • Age: 1930s
  • Country of origin: Italy
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