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Brand new Sterling Silver Tanzanite and small Diamond Buckle Ring

Brand new Sterling Silver Tanzanite and small Diamond Buckle Ring

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A brand new unused buckle ring found in an old dead stock.

A rare item found in very good condition.

It has a solid construction with a sense of weight to some extent, and it has a presence when worn.

Luxurious ring with tanzanite on the belt and small diamonds on the buckle.

It is an attractive ring that will make your heart dance with its cuteness every time you look at your hand.

  • Material:  Sterling silver, Tanzanite and small diamonds
  • Size: JP: 16, UK: P, USA: 7.5, 2.2 diameter
  • Weight: 3.5g
  • Mark: Silver (#  925) 
  • Vintage: Before 2000s
  • Country of origin : UK
  • Condition: Mint


Birthstone: December December

Tanzanite was discovered relatively recently and is mined in only one place on Earth.Named Tanzanite by Henry B. Pratt of Tiffany & Co., after its origin in Tanzania.The color of this stone is reminiscent of the dusk sky of the mining site Tanzania, so it was named "Tanzanite".The color of tanzanite is exactly the color of the sky in Tanzania, which is approaching the darkness.Its naming sense has been highly evaluated.Crystals show different colors depending on the viewing direction, so you can make gems with colors ranging from purplish blue to bluish.

Power stone: Power stone

Tanzanite can be described as "a keystone of choice to help a turning point."You can expect such support by making "correct decisions" for your surroundings and people, and "making you choose the best one" from among the many options.It is especially useful in difficult situations and milestones in life.As a healing effect, it is a stone that stabilizes the mind, and is said to calm the harmful effects of high emotions.On the physical side, it seems to be used for thyroid and adrenal gland disorders, eye diseases, and excretion of toxins in the body.However, these effects and benefits have not been proven in modern medicine.

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