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Vintage Sterling Silver 4 Cullinan Topaz Ring

Vintage Sterling Silver 4 Cullinan Topaz Ring

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A half eternity ring set with a beautiful Cullinan Topaz.

The Cullinan district of Nigeria is known for producing high-quality diamonds and topaz, and is known for producing large diamonds and topaz.This ring is made from natural Cullinan Topaz cut into a large and extravagant size and has a very strong presence.

The topaz, which shines brightly like a flash, is mounted on a pedestal raised about 5 mm from the shoulder, with three tiny topaz stones between each topaz.

There are some small scratches on the ring part, but the overall condition is good as well as the sparkle of the gem, so you can use it for a long time.

I think it's a perfect ring for summer, giving your hands a fresh, ice-like sparkle.


  • Material:  Sterling silver, Cullinan Topaz
  • Size: JP:11, UK: L 1/2, USA: 6, 2*2 diameter
  • Weight: 3g
  • Mark: Silver (#  925) 
  • Vintage: Before 2000s
  • Country of origin : UK



Birth Stone: November, November

Traditionally, all yellow, brown and orange transparent gems were called topaz.However, with the advent of modern gemology, many of these stones have been reclassified as different species.

Power Stone: Topaz is said to bring peace of mind, protect the owner from jealousy and intrigue, and when sleeping on the bedside, it is said to stop nightmares and sleepwalking, and bring melancholy and bright hope.Also, it is good for things related to the brain, and it releases the tension of brain cells and brings creative inspiration.It seems to be useful for artists, creative people, and even when developing products that suit the times.A pendant that hangs on your chest will give you honor, happiness, and inner peace, and a ring will bring you promotion and financial success.


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