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Anna's Purple Emerald

Vintage Sterling Silver Square Chain Link Style Band Ring

Vintage Sterling Silver Square Chain Link Style Band Ring

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A minimalist style band ring with two linked square chains.

The nuanced square silver pieces are linked together in a chain for a stylish finish. The difference between the two types of chains is the size of the square hole.Style 2 with large holes has a flat and light appearance.On the other hand, Style 1 with smaller holes has a slightly more three-dimensional and masculine look.You can choose the nuance of the ring according to your preference.

If you look at the ring with a 30x magnifying glass, you can see small scratches on the surface and inside.Also, the corners are slightly rounded due to wear and tear from use, but I think this is the ideal aging process that will bring out the vintage texture without any glare.

I think it will create a crisp and cool look on your fingers whether layered or alone.


  • Material: Silver
  • Size: W: 2.7cm L: 2.7cm 
  • Weight: 4g
  • Clasp: C clasp
  • Age: 1910s
  • Country of origin : England
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