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Anna's Purple Emerald

Anello Filigrana Sarda

Anello Filigrana Sarda

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Beautiful handmade vermeil filigree wedding ring made in Sardinia, Italy.

Such filigries are typical Sardinian goldsmith jewelery, inheriting traditional belief-based jewelery.

... Legend has it that the ring was made by the fairies "Janas" who live in a house carved into the rock called "Domus de Janas".Fairies weave gold and silver threads into jewellery, sometimes adorning it with jewels...

In Sardinian tradition, the "filigrana sarda" is still used today as a classic engagement ring.Because of its uniqueness and elegance, it is loved all over the world as "genuine ethnic jewelry".

The two rows of Canotigli seen in the center can be selected from open work (style XNUMX) with a transparent back side and a type covered with vermeil (style XNUMX).Canotiri, like microscopic spheres, are welded at the top and bottom for channel setting.

A beautiful and easy-to-use adjustable ring is a wonderful traditional craft jewelry that brightens your finger in various life scenes.


    • Material: Sterling Silver Gold Vermeil (# 925 engraved)
      • Style 0.5: Size: Adjustable Front width: 3cm Weight: XNUMXg
      • Style XNUMX:Size: Adjustable Front width: 0.8cm. Weight: 4g
      • Age: New and unused (with quality warranty)
      • Brand: Collezione Laboratorio Orafo Italiano
      • Country of origin: Italy
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