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Anna's Purple Emerald

Opals & Rose Quartz Hooped Earring

Opals & Rose Quartz Hooped Earring

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Rose quartz is wrapped around the hoop, and the opal sways in the center.When the earrings shake, the hoop rotates a little, which is eye catching.Blue-green opal and pink rose quartz add cuteness to your style.

  • Material: Rose Quartz, Opal, Metal
  • Size: W: 1.8cm L: 4cm (including hook)
  • Fastener: Hook
  • This is our original handmade item.Not vintage.


[Rose Quartz]

Birthstone: Rose Quartz is recognized as a stone to commemorate the 5th anniversary of marriage.

Rose quartz has hues ranging from very light white to dark delicate pink.The most attractive colors usually occur in large sizes, whichPegmatite(pegmatite) Is a type of igneous rock consisting of large crystals.Studies have shown that the delicate pink color of rose quartz is due to the inclusion of aligned silicate mineral fibers.The highest quality rose quartz is from Brazil.It also includes India, Madagascar and Sri Lanka.


Powerstone: Powerstone: Rose quartz is said to shine the beauty of women and exert a tremendous effect on the fulfillment of love.It gives us new encounters and opportunities, brings spiritual moisture, and infuses the power to cherish love.This stone is also recommended for those who want to develop into a marriage.Also known as "Love Stone", it is also recommended for broken heart wounds.By wearing it, the gentle healing power will permeate deep into your heart and will lead you to new love again.Those who want to get an ideal partner are said to be able to attract opportunities for encounters by wearing rose quartz.



Birthstone: October, October

For thousands of years, people have mined and cherished opals.And it influenced rich folklore.Natural opals are opalized fossils that grow by filling cavities in the ground, so ancient pieces of wood, bones, and shells buried in the ground have also been found. 

Power stone:Powerstone: Opal unleashes creative abilities to achieve future hopes.Shut down the negativeness from your life and create a shield around you.Opal is also used for meditation.

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