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Anna's Purple Emerald

Vintage 1960s Sterling Silver Blue John Signet Cabochon Ring

Vintage 1960s Sterling Silver Blue John Signet Cabochon Ring

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Blue John is a very rare mineral and can only be found in Derbyshire, England.It is a rare mineral that is rich in minerals and has a transparent feeling of yellow and purple.I can't help but feel the British love of the craftsmen who made such stones into rings.The ring was produced in the 1960s and has a "SILVER" engraving on the inside.Perhaps it was only sold at local souvenir shops.It is not characterized by a public accreditation body.The flat, oval-cut stones are bezel-set in engraved silver, with beautiful purple-tone hues and an elegant look.The stone face has some natural inclusions and small scratches.However, it is a reasonable level, not a level that spoils the overall impression of this quality statement ring.We are ready to clean and wear it in our shop.


  • Material: Sterling silver (with SILVER engraving), Blue John
  • Size: No. 12 UK:M US: 6.25 cm x cm
  • 重量: 1.94g
  • Age:1960Age distribution
  • Country of origin: UK
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