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Anna's Purple Emerald

Malachite & Crescent Moon Ring

Malachite & Crescent Moon Ring

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A very cute ring with a small crescent moon around a spherical malachite mounted on a decorative pedestal.

The deep green malachite has white and gray lines, creating a unique design that looks like a celestial body.

A very small CZ is set inside the Crescent Moon, and when it hits the light, it sparkles and sparkles.

The pedestal part is also elaborately made.Decorated with Art Deco style geometric engraving, it is a decorative piece that is lifted about 3mm from the ring.

It is easy to coordinate with any style, and the point is that it is casual and can be worn quickly.I seem to make an outstanding performance in various occasions.


  • Materials: Malachite, CZ, Sterling Silver (925), 14ct Gold Plated
  • Size: Ring Size: Adjustable Ring Diameter: 1.7cm Front Width: 8mm
  • Weight: 3g
  • Age: new unused
  • Country of Origin: Australia



Birthstone: Birthstone: December

Malachite is found in the United States, Australia, Congo, Zaire, Zambia, Namibia, Mexico, Romania, Russia, and China.Minerals essential to its chemical composition are transported by copper-rich water passing through the limestone, giving rise to the deep green color and complex inclusions.Therefore, color variations include green, black green, dark green, and pale green.

[Power Stone]

It is said that it has a very high healing effect on stress and tension, and has the effect of bringing about a good night's sleep while supporting the recovery of physical strength.In addition, it is said that it has a strong power to repel evil, and by letting you sense danger, it will keep away things that bring disaster and support you to have a relationship with the people you really need.

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