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Anna's Purple Emerald

Honey Dew

Honey Dew

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Sweet American hook pierced earrings with green chrysoprase and fire opal dropped.

Two types of onion-shaped quartz are images of sweet summer memories that look like sweet sap dripping from trees and insects.

The gentle sparkle from the inside by the uncut quartz itself is beautiful.

It's simple, but it has a very cute design with a laid-back form.American hooks are hard to drop, so you can safely enjoy fashion around your ears.

* Depending on the stock status, it may take about a week to manufacture after receiving your order.


  • Materials: Green Chrysoprase (Quartz), Ethiopian Fire Opal, Metal
  • Size: W: 0.8cm  L: 5cm 
  • Weight: 3g
  • Brand: Our original handmade item.



Birthstone: BirthStone: June June

Chrysoprase is a chalcedony that has a beautiful green color like a green apple.Well-known sources of chrysoprase include Australia, Germany, Poland, Russia and the United States, but they are very low in yield and are therefore considered to be the most valuable stones of the chalcedony group.It is said that minerals containing nickel are mixed in the silicic acid solution to form a colloid and solidify.

Chrysoprase has been loved since ancient Roman times, being processed into cameos and other ornaments.Since Alexander the Great also had Chrysoprase on his chest, it was rumored that his feat of winning numerous battles and building an empire was due to the magical power of this stone.

[Power Stone: Power Stone]

Chrysoprase has been believed to have the power to unleash its owner's hidden talents and bring out their hidden abilities.It's a great support stone for those who work hard towards their dreams and goals.Also, if you are depressed or stuck in the middle of your goal, it will suggest what you need now and give you positive power to complete it, so for those who start a business independently. No wonder it's popular with people like that.

Chrysoprase is a healing power stone that relieves negative emotions.The refreshing shade of apple green makes what you see calm and refreshing, and invites relaxation.Chrysoprase is said to calm intense anger, anxiety, tension and panic and stabilize one's feelings.



Birthstone: October, October

For thousands of years, people have mined and cherished opals.And it influenced rich folklore.Natural opals are opalized fossils that grow by filling cavities in the ground, so ancient pieces of wood, bones, and shells buried in the ground have also been found. 

[Powerstone: Powerstone]

Opal unleashes creative abilities to achieve the hopes of the future.She shuts down the negatives from your life and creates a shield around you.Opal is also used for meditation.

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