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Antique 1800s Georgian Musical Lyra with Central Clover Pendant

Antique 1800s Georgian Musical Lyra with Central Clover Pendant

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A small musical Lyra pendant produced during the Georgian period (1714-1830).It is a very lovely piece with a clover set in bluegrass in the center.

11 old European-cut clear paste glasses on the front, 3 old European-cut blue paste glasses on the center, and a small clear paste on the pendant top.・ Glass is set.

The pedestal in the shape of a musical Lyra is a pinchbeck, judging from the timeliness and color of the product produced and the quality of the metal from the outside. The three strings and stand, and the flower-shaped pendant top are slightly reddish gold and have a soft texture.

The overall condition shows signs of antique wear (small scratches on the glass, discoloration, metal distortion, discoloration visible on the loupe).

Adorable motifs in the shape of musical instruments and clover, elegant shades of blue and clear glass.Probably a sentimental jewelery to talk about your love for someone special.

It's a lovely and wonderful work whose rich imagination goes back 200 years.


Pinchbeck is an alloy developed by watchmaker Christopher Pinchbeck (1714-1837) in England in the early Georgian period (1670-1732).The material is an alloy made of 90% copper and 10% zinc (manufacturing method unknown), which was developed as a substitute for expensive gold at that time.However, only a few are produced by the company, and most of the ones on the market are copies.Still, it was popular for its beautiful shades that shine like gold.


  • Material: Paste Glass, Pinchbeck
  • Size: W: 1.7cm L: 3.7cm
  • Weight: 3g
  • Age: 1800s
  • Country of origin: England
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