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Anna's Purple Emerald

Vintage English 9ct Gold Opal & Diamond Cluster Ring.

Vintage English 9ct Gold Opal & Diamond Cluster Ring.

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This elegant ring features a cluster of pale blue-white sparkling opals and hard, sparkling diamonds.

2 opals of approximately 15mm and 12mm and 5 diamonds are arranged in a cluster from the center outward, and each stone is carefully set with a nail.The cabochon has a three-dimensional structure that is raised approximately XNUMXmm from the shoulder, and all stones are set in an open setting.

Opal has a beautiful play-of-color effect, with subtle sparkles of blue, green, pink, and gold.The diamonds surround the opal in the center and sparkle dazzlingly.The whole piece has a pale-toned lace-like appearance, and the diamonds seem to symbolically represent the light leaking through the gaps.

In addition, when viewed with a 30x magnifying glass, some of the opals have inclusions that look like very small bubbles, and there are some slight scratches on the side of the ring, but these are hardly noticeable to the naked eye when worn.

With one of these rings, you can greatly expand the range of coordination between your finger and your outfit.We hope you will enjoy a variety of styles inspired by your fingers.


  • Material: 9ct Gold (Marked #375), Fire Opal, Diamond (Tested)
  • Size: JP: 14.5 UK: O1/2 US: 7.5 Ring Size: 2cm Cabochon: W: 1.4cm L: 1.8cm 
  • Weight: 3.5g
  • Age: approx. 1980s
  • Country of origin:UK



Birthstone: October, October

For thousands of years, people have mined and cherished opals.And it influenced rich folklore.Natural opals are opalized fossils that grow by filling cavities in the ground, so ancient pieces of wood, bones, and shells buried in the ground have also been found.

[Powerstone: Powerstone]

Opal unleashes creative abilities to achieve the hopes of the future.She shuts down the negatives from your life and creates a shield around you.Opal is also used for meditation.



Birthstone: April April

Mankind's love for diamonds, the birthstone for April, began when they were collected from a stream in India.Diamonds were traded as early as the 4th century BC and were coveted by royalty and wealthy people.It was then brought to the medieval market in Venice, and by the 4s diamonds were becoming a fashionable accessory for the European elite. Brazil emerged as an important source as India's diamond supply began to decline in the early 1400s, but the discovery of diamonds near Kimberley in South Africa in the late 1700s began the modern diamond market. It was.Entrepreneur Cecil Rhodes founded De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited in 1860 and by 1888 dominated an estimated 1900% of the world's rough production.

Powerstone: Powerstone

Diamonds are truly the king of gems.This crystal, which was created by withstanding the high pressure of magma deep inside the earth, is the hardest substance in gemstones.Because of its brilliance, diamonds symbolize unwavering beauty, unyielding spirit, victory and justice.Diamonds are indispensable as an engagement ring.15Since Maximilian I of Austria gave a diamond to his fiancée in Burgundy, France in the century, he has maintained a solid position as a "stone that promises love."

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