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Anna's Purple Emerald

Blue Topaz & Peridot Botanical Flower & Leaves Ring

Blue Topaz & Peridot Botanical Flower & Leaves Ring

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A very cute peridot and blue topaz botanical ring.

Two pretty flowers are placed on the wavy, two peridot stones in the center, and blue topaz on the twigs. 2 leaves are CZ.

It is very delicate and you can enjoy the different color contrasts on the petals, leaves and twigs.

Depending on how the light hits it, the peridot sparkles and has a gentle atmosphere that will soothe your heart.

The ring is made of sterling silver and plated with 14ct gold in vermeil.

It is an easy-to-match design that you can wear from casual to short outings.

  • Materials: Blue Topaz (2 stone), Peridot (13 stones), CZ (925 stones), Sterling Silver (14), XNUMXct gold plating
  • Size: Ring size: No. 11 USA: 6 UK: M Ring diameter: 2cm Front width: 1.8cm 
  • Weight: 3g
  • Age: new unused
  • Country of Origin: Australia



Birthstone: Birthstone: August August

Peridot belongs to the "Forsterite-Fayalite" series.Magnesium (Mg) is the main component of forsterite, and iron (Fe) is the main component of firelite.Peridot derives its characteristic green color from iron, an important element of its chemical structure.An iron content of 12-15% creates the ideal peridot color.The modern August birthstone, peridot, has a long history.The famous island of St. John in the Red Sea, or Zabargado in Egypt, has been a peridot-producing region since ancient Egypt.Today, Myanmar, Arizona, New Mexico and Norway are known production areas.

Power stone: Power stone

Power stones are said to be "stones where the sunlight dwells", "stones that bring light guidance in the darkness", and "stones that show the way with the sunlight".

 It is said to shed light of hope and guide you when you are depressed, feel guilty, anxious or scared, and get into the spiritual darkness.It brings wise wisdom and sensibleness, so it is good for human relations, and it is said that it especially helps marital harmony and brings about family harmoniousness.In Europe in the XNUMXth century, it was said to "soften the lust of the owner, calm emotional upheaval, cure hemorrhoids, and stop the flow of blood."It also has the power to clear evil spirits, and is said to be the best amulet when combined with gold.



Birth Stone: November, November

Traditionally, all yellow, brown and orange transparent gems were called topaz.However, with the advent of modern gemology, many of these stones have been reclassified as different species.

Citrine is sometimes mistaken for topaz, but citrine is quartz and a unique gem species.Topaz has different physical and optical properties than citrine, especially in hardness and brilliance.

Power Stone: Topaz is said to bring peace of mind, protect the owner from jealousy and intrigue, and when sleeping on the bedside, it is said to stop nightmares and sleepwalking, and bring melancholy and bright hope.

 Also, it is good for things related to the brain, and it releases the tension of brain cells and brings creative inspiration.It seems to be useful for artists, creative people, and even when developing products that suit the times.

 A pendant that hangs on your chest will give you honor, happiness, and inner peace, and a ring will bring you promotion and financial success.



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