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Anna's Purple Emerald

Citrine & Curvy Crystal Heart Studs Earring

Citrine & Curvy Crystal Heart Studs Earring

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Lovely earrings with bright orange citrine and curvy crystals swaying from heart-shaped studs.CZ (cubic zirconia) shines in the center of the heart-shaped studs, creating a feminine atmosphere.It seems to be a lovely accent when you want to add cuteness to a simple and chic style.


  • Materials: Citrine (AAA), Metal, Zircon
  • Size: 4.5cm (including hook)
  • Fasteners: studs
  • This is our original handmade item.Not vintage.



Birthstone: November November

It is also recognized as a stone to commemorate the 13th anniversary.

Citrine is a clear pale yellow to brownish-orange color.Before research in modern gemology, it was confused with topaz.Also, because natural citrine is rare, most of the citrine on the market is the result of amethyst heat treatment and turns into an attractive yellow color.The main sources of natural citrine are Bolivia, Spain, Madagascar, Mexico, Uruguay and Zambia.


Powerstone: Powerstone: A stone that brings good luck and fortune, and a stone of good luck that brings prosperity and wealth, has long been valued.Especially recommended for those who are in business.It will be a reassuring amulet for those who start a new business or want to expand, and will prevent troubles and lead to success.The effects of citrine are said to enhance vitality, balance the mind and body, and improve qi circulation.Therefore, when you are tired physically and mentally, it is a gemstone that is recommended as a talisman to keep youth and health by wearing it on a daily basis to remove unnecessary things that have accumulated in your mind and body.


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