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Vintage 1980s Christian Dior Gold Tone Shell Earrings

Vintage 1980s Christian Dior Gold Tone Shell Earrings

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Beautiful shell earrings from Christian Dior.It is a simple structure in which two thin gold tones are joined in only two places at the center.The surface has a delicate pattern reminiscent of ripples, reflecting light and shining sensually.These gorgeous Christian Dior earrings are made by Grosse, a leading German costume jeweler maker who has handcrafted jewelery on the grounds near Stuttgart, Germany for over a century.The soft clip on the clasp opens and closes very lightly and stays safe.There are small scratches on the inside, but they are not visible when using.Excellent vintage condition.


This item is a silicone clip(¥ 50)You can choose with or without.Use by inserting the clip that comes to the back of the earlobe into the cut part of the cover.


  • Material: Gold tone
  • Size: W: 2.5cm L: 2.5cm D: 1.2cm (depth)
  • Fastener: Soft clip
  • Brand: Christian Dior
  • Age: 1980-1990s
  • Country of origin: Germany



1907In Pforzheim, the jewelery city of GermanyFounded.It is a prestigious costume jeweler who has been making costume jewelery for a century since he started making decorative watch chains with women's hair.A partnership was signed in 1 at the strong request of Christian Dior himself.For the next 1955 years, Grosse was responsible for the production of Christian Dior Bijou, and had the right to sell it, and released a number of masterpieces to the world.Such a long-term licensing cooperation is unique in Dior's history.

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