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Anna's Purple Emerald

Braccialetto con Pietre Dure Marroni Braccialetto con Sfere Perle e Acciaio

Braccialetto con Pietre Dure Marroni Braccialetto con Sfere Perle e Acciaio

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Handmade Italian jewelry made from natural semi-precious stones.It is a product with a new tag that was purchased directly from an Italian goldsmith workshop.

1. Bracciale da uomo con pietre dure marroni braccialetto con sfere perle e acciaio

Bracciare da Warmo Con Pietor Dure Maroni Braccialet Con Sfere Perle e Atchio

Men's bracelet using natural semi-precious stones.It is a simple and chic work that links brown hematite and agate with steel metal.An easy-to-use design that integrates the color scheme and material tone.It fits a variety of styles regardless of the season.


Bracciare da Warmo Con Pieret de Re Naturali Turquese Centorale Con Zirconi Neri

A men's bracelet with black zircon in the center and a link of natural turquoise iolite, jasper and hematite.The diameter of the quartz is 6mm and only the center is 8mm.Cool turquoise blue iolite and colorful quartz will keep your hands colorful and tireless.Fits resort and casual styles.

3. BRACCIALE DA UOMO CON PIETRE MARRONI, Ancora, Timone E Rosa Dei Venti In venti in venti

Bracciare da Warmo Con Piateru Maroni Ancora Timone et Rosa di Venti inAtchio

Men's design with stylish brown stone, anchor, rudder and wind rose elementsbracelet.A playful charm on the beach will appeal to those who wear it.A lovely accessory that makes you feel close to the sea motifs.


  • Material: Steel, Hematite, agate,Zircon, iolite, jasper
  • Size: Bracelet length: 20cm  Quartz diameter: 6 mm
  • Weight: 17g
  • Fastener: Lobster hook ( Snap hook closure)
  • Brand: Laboratorio Orafo De Luca
  • Age: New
  • Country of origin:Italy
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