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Anna's Purple Emerald

Vintage Bouclé Dreille Clip Bijou Poire Crystal

Vintage Bouclé Dreille Clip Bijou Poire Crystal

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Lovely earrings with crystal leaves on gold poir.The surface of the poir is polished for a matte finish.Crystals are set on the leaves and they sparkle pretty.The fresh poir with a colon makes the atmosphere around your face feminine.It is a beautiful piece overall.

This item is a silicone cover(¥ 50)You can choose with or without.Use by inserting the clip that comes to the back of the earlobe into the cut part of the cover.

  • Material: Gold tone, Zircon
  • Size: L:3cm W: 1.5cm
  • Fastener: Clip
  • Age: Vintage before 2000
  • Country of origin: France
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