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Anna's Purple Emerald

Baguette Blue Topaz and Seed Pearl Vermeil Ring

Baguette Blue Topaz and Seed Pearl Vermeil Ring

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A feminine vermeil ring with a decorative arrangement of delicate emerald cut natural sky blue topaz and seed pearls.

The shoulder part is also set with tiny pearls and CZ, giving it a gorgeous appearance that looks like a star grain shining in your hand.The ring is also 14ct gold plated silver and brightIt has a glossy finish.

Even just one book has a presence,chevron ringBy stacking with, it will make your hands more and more cute.

A ring that will soothe your heart with its beautiful sparkling topaz, perfect for a short outing or tea time.

  • Materials: Topaz (natural), seed pearl, CZ, 14ctGF vermeil (14ct gold-filled, 925 silver)
  • Size: Ring size: Adjustable (adjustable) Cabochon size: 4x5mm Ring Diameter: 1.7cm
  • Weight: 3g
  • Age: new unused
  • Country of Origin: Australia


[Blue Topaz]

Birth Stone: November, November

The main production areas are wide ranging, such as the United States, Australia, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Namibia, Pakistan, Brazil, Madagascar, Myanmar, Mexico, Russia, and China.It has a hardness of 8 Mohs and is not very hard, so please gently remove dirt with a neutral detergent and lukewarm water when cleaning.It is vulnerable to high temperatures and may crack from the inside.

Power Stone: Blue Topaz is said to be in charge of learning and education.It will suppress the excitement of the spirit, increase concentration, and improve the function of the head.It is recommended for those who want to master a specialized field and those who want to acquire advanced technology.Even if you encounter difficulties that make you feel your limits, it will guide you to achieve your goals without giving up.Also, blue topaz is a marriage4It is also the wedding anniversary stone of the year.

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