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Anna's Purple Emerald

Vintage 1960s Art Deco Gold Tone Reeves Earrings

Vintage 1960s Art Deco Gold Tone Reeves Earrings

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A nice pair in the shape of leaves fluttering in the wind.The matte leaf surface is a lovely design with a copper color and a gold-tone luster on the back of the flipped leaves.Dot-shaped non-slip is applied to the back, and the clip that bounces moderately is comfortable to wear.There are left and right, and attach it so that the one with the leaves turned up comes to the back.There are some gold tone dullness and small scratches due to aging, but other than that, it is in good vintage condition.


  • Material: Gold tone
  • Size: W: 1cm * H: 2.5cm
  • Age: Around the 1960s
  • Fastener: Clip
  • Country of origin: UK

This item is a silicone cover(¥ 50)You can choose with or without.Use by inserting the clip that comes to the back of the earlobe into the cut part of the cover.


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